赫曼德 · 德国厨房中国巡回开业典礼室内场景投影

KIC Kitchen Interior Mapping

赫曼德 · 德国厨房中国巡回开业典礼室内场景投影 赫曼德是一家专为中国市场消费者设计与生产德国整体厨房设备的制造商,是将中德文化相融合,致力于为中国客户提供整体、优质质量服务的品牌商。赫曼德在国内率先引进了享誉全球的德国整体厨房,具有三家德国橱柜行业排名前十的德国整体厨房OEM供货厂商,同时,赫曼德也是德国厨房工业协会AMK的第一家中国企业会员。 在这个项目,我们重点运用了三维精准投影技术。三维精准投影也称融合投影、无缝对接投影、结构投影,它通过各种三维软件的极其精密的计算,把在虚拟三维世界中创作出来的影像,完全精准的投射在现实世界中的模型、产品、舞台背景、室内空间等实物上,同时结合特殊的影像处理手法,产生更加立体、更加真实、更加酷炫的视觉冲击效果! KIC is a manufacturer of integrated Kitchen equipment designed and produced for Chinese consumers. It is a brand that integrates Chinese and German culture and is committed to providing integrated, high-quality and quality services for Chinese customers. KIC took the lead in introducing the world-renowned German integral kitchen in China, and has three OEM suppliers of German integral kitchen ranked top ten in the German cabinet industry. Meanwhile, KIC is also the first Chinese enterprise member of AMK, the German kitchen industry association. In this project, we focused on the use of 3d accurate projection technology, which also called fusion precision seamless docking structure of projection. It through a variety of extremely precise calculation, 3 d software in virtual images created in a three-dimensional world, completely accurate projection model, the product in the real world, stage background, physical objects, such as interior space at the same time, combined with the special image processing technique, produce more stereo, more real, more visual impact effect!