Jungle Signal

本作品旨在讨论人类科技与自然的关系,将环境设置在原始丛林中,标准的半圆载体不断闪烁着代表了人类的科技产物的数字讯号,两者的有趣结合像是一场关于共生的讨论。 计算机生成的综合图像模拟着数据讯号,网格数据和光效作为动态视觉元素展现,观众得以在丛林中体验在现实空间中无法呈现的时间维度,感受数字讯号与原始丛林结合的特殊视觉效果,以人造光连接自然色彩与人为构成,整一个设置的场域场域结合了人、机、环境,叠加了虚拟与现实,成为了人类科技与自然关系的投射。 The purpose of this work is to discuss the relationship between human technology and nature, setting the environment in the primitive jungle, the standard semi-circular carrier constantly flashing digital signals representing the products of human technology, the interesting combination of the two seems to be a discussion of symbiosis. Computer generated composite images simulate data signals, and grid data and light effects are presented as dynamic visual elements that allow viewers to experience time dimensions in the jungle that are not present in real space, feeling the special visual effect of digital signal combined with primitive jungle, using artificial light to connect natural color and man-made composition, a whole set field field area combines man, machine and environment, overlaying virtual and reality, became a projection of the relationship between human technology and nature.