Future Signal

未来讯号 受宇宙恒星系中会孕育出不同维度文明形态的研究启发,本作品试图用高纬度生命体的视角来探讨从生命到宇宙,从宇宙文明再到人类文明的关系。 严格意义上来说,未来讯号不是一部艺术作品,而是一则来自的高维度生命体向人类传达的一段讯息。这条讯息通过小球和光线作为符号元素来告知人类:变化运动是生命的永恒主题,循环往复是生命的必然宿命,宇宙即是如此的生生不息。而无论在空间还是时间维度上,看似漫长的人类发展史也只是宇宙银河中短暂的一瞬,渺小如尘埃。在如此充满变化运动和循环往复的宇宙中,人类却点亮了属于文明的火种,完成了华丽的起源与创世,收获了岁月馈赠给生命的礼物,并不断努力将这一切引向一个最完美而和谐的结局。 Inspired by the research on the formation of civilizations in different dimensions, this work attempts to explore the relationship between life and universe, from cosmic civilization to human civilization from the perspective of high-latitude life. Strictly speaking, the future signal is not a work of art, but a message from a high-dimensional life to human beings. The message, conveyed to mankind through the symbolic elements of balls and light, is that change is the eternal theme of life, that cycles are the inevitable destiny of life, and that the universe is such a Circle of Life. And whether in space or time dimension, the seemingly long history of human development is only a brief moment in the universe galaxy, as small as dust. In such a universe full of changing movements and cycles, human beings have lit the flame of civilization, completed the magnificent origin and creation, and harvested the gift of time to life, and constantly strive to bring all this to a perfect and harmonious ending.